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About Larson Packaging Company

Larson Packaging Company (LPC) has been a recognized leader in custom industrial packaging solutions in the Bay Area for decades. LPC has earned a reputation for quality design and manufacturing of custom crates, ATA cases, foam fabrication, and pallets built to ensure that your products always arrive in perfect, working condition. LPC maintains our valuable relationships through a commitment to understanding the unique needs of your business and a dedication to customer service.

Our Company Values



Our Commitment to Quality

We take great pride in our ability to provide custom packaging solutions using the highest-grade materials possible. LPC’s quality workmanship carries through our entire manufacturing process, from our design and engineering expertise to our application of precision, production standards.

We are widely recognized in our industry because we are:

  • Professional
  • Fast, responsive and reliable
  • Willing to learn and understand your business
  • Able to quickly and responsibly resolve issues as they arise
  • Uncompromising in our commitment to quality

Our Customer Service

At Larson Packaging Company we believe professionalism is the cornerstone of customer service. We define professionalism as the courage to care about your people and your customer, and we view it as an attitude, not just a set of competencies. It is a core value of the company that we strive to see reflected in everything we say and do. 

Our commitment to customer service includes: 

  • Answering your calls
  • Finding answers to your questions
  • Providing rapid responses on quote requests
  • Promptly resolving any delivery, billing or inventory matters
  • Keeping you informed about industry changes 

To better serve your needs, we’ve invested in the best computer technology available, including ERP, CRM and cloud.

Our History

A locally owned and operated business, Larson Packaging Company has been providing packaging solutions in the Bay Area for many decades.

Our Facility and Equipment

Centrally located in Milpitas, California, our 4.5 acre site is home to our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The outside appearance of our operation appears as professional as the work areas inside; both are neat, clean and well organized. In short, we are a high-volume, built-to-scale, flexible, world-class manufacturing plant.

On premise, we house the finest equipment using the latest technology, including:

  • Top quality, volume throughput, woodworking machines
  • Optimized crosscut saws
  • CNC routers
  • Corrugated and foam CNC tables
  • Metal fabrication machinery
  • Flow Waterjet

Our computerized systems allow us to offer lean manufacturing and tight scheduling. We can promise and deliver quick turns on prototypes and rush orders. Finally, all this is done without compromising the quality of raw materials drawn from our extensive inventories.

custom crating and packaging company

The Larson Packaging Company Team

Our team members are experienced, capable and the beneficiaries of packaging knowledge accumulated over decades of company history. We are especially proud of our in-depth, design and engineering capabilities as well as our experience in manufacturing, customer service and general business operations. Our entire team is highly skilled but our organization is flat. Integration is made possible through CRM and our effective use of technology. We thrive in a non-bureaucratic environment where each professional is empowered to make decisions and effectively serve our customers. 

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