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Ariana Loijos Spencer

Foam Products, Assemblies and the Equipment Used to Make It

Foam is manufactured in buns (large blocks) or planks and may have to be cut or skived (trimmed or split to exact thicknesses) into sheets before it can be worked with. A foam packaging product has to then be custom cut and manufactured into smaller parts and often requires some assembly. There are many different fabrication technologies available depending on the shape, quantity, and quality that is required for the application, need for precision, and budget.

Types of Industrial Packaging Foam and Their Applications

Foam can be designed, cut, and fabricated to hold any shape. Many products have protrusions like...

Basics of Custom Industrial Foam Packaging

Foam is an effective cushioning and vibration dampening medium used in one-time and repetitive...

Beaded polyethylene foam packaging excels in many applications.

Choosing the type of foam packaging is an important design decision that can affect the...