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Gary Usinger

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Notes from the Band - The Best Custom Road Case Scenario

Posted by Gary Usinger

Apr 4, 2017 3:50:32 PM

The Case for a Well Constructed Road Case 

As an experienced musician who has toured the country many times over, I've learned to appreciate the value of a good road case. When so many things can go wrong in transit, why leave anything to chance? After spending a considerable sum of money on your instrument, it only makes sense to protect your investment. Which brings me to my first point: Always get protection for your instrument immediately after you buy it. If necessary, wait until you've saved enough to acquire both. Prior to buying your instrument, do some homework and be prepared to choose your case as soon as possible. 

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Achieve Optimal Custom Case Design

Posted by Gary Usinger

Jan 30, 2017 11:22:37 AM

It's a Collaborative Process 

Over time, as a veteran custom case maker, I've discovered how to create a custom case design that best fits a client's needs. The ingredients to a successful outcome may appear simple but actually require the to ability to listen, learn and cooperate with key people throughout the process. Some of the essential steps for a great custom case design include:

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