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Keith Drachmann

Shock and tilt Indicators provide an inexpensive handling insurance.

Shipping environments can be hard on your industrial equipment or product no matter how well it has been packaged. Frequently the entire transit path of the equipment includes a variety of modes of transportation such as truck, rail, air, and sea and may involve multiple handlers. One way to ensure the best treatment for your equipment is to use shock or tilt indicators because handlers may be held responsible for equipment damage if the indicator was triggered under their care. These monitoring mechanisms can be easily installed on crates containing, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, IT servers, automotive, robotics, and other instrumentation.

The biggest cost is your time!

At a few dollars per label, the cost of shock and tilt indicators are a fraction of your packaging costs. That amount is almost insignificant when you consider the total costs of transporting your equipment to its final destination which includes: the packaging, logistic costs, program management, and the high costs of any equipment that was damaged in transit.