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Mark Hoffman

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Advantages of expanded (beaded) polyethylene foam over cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Sep 25, 2018 4:53:28 PM

When considering high performance foams for custom industrial packaging, expanded polyethylene foam (aka EPE or BPE) has several subtle but meaningful advantages over cross-linked polyethylene (aka XLPE) which result in superior packaging protection, cost savings on foam, and a lighter pack and is recyclable. Since both EPE and XLPE come from the same resin (PE) and both are molded buns or planks, one would expect the properties to be identical, but differences in the manufacturing process make EPE superior for a variety of packaging applications such as medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, IT servers, automotive class A surfaces, robotics, and other instrumentation.

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Topics: ATA Cases, Foam

What is an ATA case and how should you customize it?

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Apr 11, 2017 4:09:02 PM

ATA cases are also known as road cases, transit cases, or flight cases depending on the industry.

Many people don't know what an ATA case is when they begin researching packaging to transport their equipment. Even more confusing, different industries refer to the same type of case by different names. The music and entertainment industry calls these cases road cases, and they are typically rectangular with casters, and store a variety of gear for a traveling band. Flight cases are usually smaller and can be used as luggage for transporting instruments or equipment on an airplane. Transit cases is a term used by the transportation industry.

ATA cases excel in reusability and mobility.

ATA cases provide optimal shipping protection for fragile or sensitive items. They are designed and reinforced to meet rigorous standards of durability and stand up to air handling and trucking. ATA cases excel in reusability, durability, ease of use, speed of loading and unloading and they can be used and reused many times (typically 100 or more uses). Because they are reused so many times, ATA cases are less expensive on a cost-per-trip basis than other modes of packaging.

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Topics: ATA Cases

Common ATA Case / Road Case Styles

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Feb 10, 2017 6:31:53 PM

How will your ATA case be used?

When designing a custom ATA case, start with the “case style” which defines how the equipment will be stored and accessed, and how the various lids and openings work. For example, will you top-load your equipment or does the case need to pull away? Does it make sense to remove the lid(s) from the case entirely, or should it hinge open? If it opens on a hinge, should the lid be able to be locked in an open position? When your equipment needs to be handled from the bottom, a pullover or split shell lid will come completely off, exposing your entire equipment on the base of the case. 

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Topics: ATA Cases, custom cases

LPC Expands Its Road Case Business for “Production and Events.”

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Feb 2, 2017 10:44:09 AM

LPC Met Music Industry Manufacturers.

Larson Packaging Company (LPC), manufacturer of Kryptonite Cases, traveled to the Anaheim Convention Center to show off its custom road case capabilities with the mobile green room and display at the NAMM trade show. LPC president (Mark Hoffman),

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Topics: Kryptonite Cases

LPC Wows NAMM with Mobile Green Room Made from Custom Road Case

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Jan 27, 2017 4:53:07 PM

The Mobile Green Room and Display are Awesome!

Larson Packaging Company, manufacturer of Kryptonite Cases, attended the 2017 NAMM (National Association of Music Manufacturers) convention in Anaheim to showcase its capabilities in imagination, design, and high quality case manufacturing.

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Topics: custom cases

LPC Designated a Pelican Case Dealer

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Jul 11, 2016 1:54:19 PM

Pelican Distribution Expands LPC Client Offerings

Pelican makes the top-rated injection-molded cases in the world. Best known for their rugged durability in extreme conditions, Pelican cases can be customized for a wide range of applications such as rack-mounted server cases to waterproof hard shells for laptops and camera equipment. Started as a hobby, Pelican has dramatically grown and now has six manufacturing facilities and operates in 21 countries, making it the largest manufacturer of equipment cases in the world. 

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Topics: custom cases, pelican case

LPC Expands - Acquires Kryptonite Cases

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Mar 14, 2016 9:54:11 AM

Acquisition a Logical Extension for LPC

Building upon its existing engineering and design expertise, LPC recently closed on the friendly acquisition of Kryptonite Cases, a custom road case manufacturer specializing in the production and entertainment industries. Kryptonite is best known for crafting cases to accompany touring bands and singers (including Santana, Lady Gaga, and Keith Emerson) and other entertainers with highly specialized needs.

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Topics: ATA Cases, Kryptonite Cases

How to Ship Large Items - Basics of Heavy Equipment Shipping

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Feb 1, 2016 1:59:13 PM

Factors to Consider When Shipping Heavy Equipment

Chances are, if you are involved in shipping heavy equipment, you have a lot invested in your endeavor. Whether you are transporting machines for an assembly line, industrial robots, large vehicles used for farming or construction, or a wafer polishing machine for a semiconductor business, you want to make sure your investment arrives in good condition. Partnering with an experienced packaging company that understands how to design and engineer for your particular needs, can go a long way toward achieving consistently successful outcomes.

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Topics: Packaging, Crates

Semiconductor Equipment Crating in Silicon Valley

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Jan 20, 2016 11:16:41 AM

Silicon Valley Semi Cap Equipment Shipping

Within the Silicon Valley are scores of semicondutor capital equipment manufacturers that need to ship their products to destinations around the globe. Given the complexity, possible fragility and substantial investment in the materials being shipped, manufacturers rely on quality custom packaging to protect their shipments while in transit. Several of our neighbors are among the leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including:      

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Protective Packaging for Different Modes of Transport

Posted by Mark Hoffman

Jan 13, 2016 9:32:21 AM


Sound Packaging and Safe Arrivals

There are myriad challenges you face when you ship your product to market - weather, moisture, vibration, shock and rough handling - to name a few. While it's impossible to foresee every hazard you may encounter, protective packaging can help prevent damage and/or loss from predictable factors.

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