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Semiconductor Equipment Crating

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semiconductor Equipment Shipping

Shipping large, sensitive and valuable microfabrication equipment presents challenges unique to the semiconductor industry. At a time when industry margins are being tested, efficiency matters. The engineering and design team at LPC has the expertise and experience needed to develop high-quality, cost-effective crating and packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you are shipping heavy machinery or delicate chips, we create reliable semiconductor packaging that is destined to arrive safely. 

Larson Packaging Company – Your Packaging Partner

Fast and reliable service
 even on short notice, we have the production and materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders
Precise engineering
Precise engineering and expertise 
our team of engineers understands your shipping challenges and can work directly with your 3D models to craft expert solutions 
Safe and secure shipping
Safe and secure shipping 
our crates and cases are built to withstand the rigors and dampen the effects of the harsh shipping environment where safe handling is anything but guaranteed
CNC Machine
Computer Generated Accuracy 
Using our CNC router, we can cut precise foam lining to fit your exact dimensions, providing the right support and cushioning you need

Shipping Semiconductor Equipment:
Using a Crate, ATA Case, or Box

Packaging Case Crate Boxes

Semiconductor Equipment Packing Success Stories

Creative Engineering 
A robotics manufacturer was finding it difficult to ship their warehouse robot both domestically and overseas due to issues with load balancing. Solution: Using 3-D renderings and CNC technology, the engineers at LPC were able to create precision packaging that provided an extra protective casing for international handling while a slightly slimmer unit was successfully designed for domestic use. 

Innovation and Precision
The design of a hotel butler robot was particularly complex. The skin and skeletal features were easily damaged during transit. Solution: The robotics company provided LPC’s engineers with a 3-D model of the robot making it possible to cut protective, precision designs while also allowing the company to view the robot within the actual packaging.  

Flexible Design Capability 
A teleconferencing robot contained multiple features including audio and visual parts that were frequently updated. Solution: LPC crafted a protective generic design that also easily accommodated modifications as needed. The conferencing system included a display stand for a monitor and laptop – all of which LPC was able to place into a single, manageable case.        

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7 Tips for Shipping
Semiconductor Equipment

There are several factors that make crating and shipping semiconductor equipment especially challenging. First, the industry's products are constantly changing at exponential speed. Given the nature of the products, typically being shipped from a clean room environment, considerable expertise is required in order to maintain a product's integrity throughout its journey. 



Why Enigneering Expertise Matters for Semiconductor Packaging

When it comes to semiconductor packaging, working in collaboration can be beneficial to both the equipment manufacturer, and the packaging partner. While it's true that most micro-fabrication equipment producers have their own design teams with engineering expertise, there are packaging companies that specialize in preparing complex, fragile products for shipping.


3 Reasons to Have a Packaging Partner in Your Supply Chain

When it comes to fast turn-around times, speed, accuracy and reliability are top priorities within the semiconductor industry. For professional suppliers of micro-fabrication equipment, being a go-to vendor that can deliver "just in time" in the fast paced world of semiconductor device manufacturing is imperative.