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Secure Custom Packaging for Aerospace and Military

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Robotics Equipment Shipping

Larson Packaging Company locally manufactures custom containers and shipping platforms designed to meet your specific needs. We can match your exact specifications with computer-assisted precision that provides optimal protection for your sensitive equipment. Our design engineers work with you to create reliable custom packaging for your products. 

LPC – Your Packaging Partner

Fast and reliable service
 even on short notice, we have the production and materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders
Precise engineering
Precise engineering and expertise 
out team of engineers understands your shipping challenges and can work directly with your 3D models to craft expert solutions 
Safe and secure shipping
Safe and secure shipping 
our crates and cases are built to withstand the rigors and dampen the effects of the harsh shipping environment where safe handling is anything but guaranteed
Unmatched supply chain support
Unmatched supply chain support 
our team of experts is committed to seeing that each packing and shipping experience is efficient and worry free. 

Packaging Your Equipment: Using a Crate, ATA Case, or Box

Packaging Case Crate Boxes

LPC in Action

Reliability You Can Count On
Challenge: A dermatology device manufacturer needed to be able to ship Field Reparable Units and spare products to clinics around the country when one of its skin-care machines would occasionally break down. Solution: We designed ready-to-go ATA cases that were easy to use to swap out old units for new devices on a moment's notice. In addition, we designed reusuable packaging, to continuously deliver spare parts back and forth as needed. 

Focus on Efficiency
Challenge: A customer that ships over 100 crates a day needs to off-load each unit in 4 minutes or less to stay on schedule. Solution: Larson Packaging Company designed wooden shipping crates that can be unloaded without external tools - objects that frequently get lost and require training to use. This tool free adaptation has transformed the company’s performance so that off-loading time is now down to approximately 1 minute per crate. 

Creative Engineering 
Challenge: A robotics manufacturer was finding it difficult to ship their warehouse robot both domestically and overseas due to issues with load balancingSolution: Using 3-D renderings and CNC technology, the engineers at LPC were able to create precision packaging that provided an extra protective casing for international handling while a slightly slimmer unit was successfully designed for domestic use.

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Learn More About Packing and Crating with Our Blog

A Primer On Industrial Crates

Wooden shipping crates and heavy duty skids are designed for the size, weight, shape, fragility, sensitivity and destination of the items to be shipped. They may include floater bases and foam lining or supports for shock and vibration protection. Specialty hardware, blocking and ramps may be included to facilitate reuse or loading.


10 Dirty Tricks of Shady Pallet Manufacturing

No buying guide would be complete without alerting readers to “shortcuts” some pallet vendors take. If you order (and are paying a lower price for) pallets with these characteristics, finding them should be no surprise. But if you expect new pallets, to your spec, inspect your delivery for these cost-cutting tricks and demand excellence from your supplier.


ISPM-15 Ship Internationally

The advent of global trade and travel has had many benefits, but has also occasioned some annoying liabilities. As goods are being shipped around the world, pests have a tendency to hop along for the ride. In response to the continuing spread of wood destroying pests, the European Union has initiated measures to mitigate further destruction.