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Packaging Design and Engineering

Improve Packaging Performance, Cost, and Usability

A Great Design is Foundational

At Larson Packaging Company (LPC), all packaging products start with a design. The design provides a blueprint for manufacturing on the factory floor, and a record so that improvements and changes can be added over time. The blueprint also provides an estimation of costs, instructions for plant manufacturing, and materials. This analytical approach ensures that your packaging will perform to specifications, reducing overall cost, product damage, and headaches.

Our design engineers have backgrounds in packaging, mechanical engineering, and industrial design.  They have years of experience designing crates, cases, pallets, and foam inserts either to specification or from a concept. Because they have a strong relationship with the factory floor, they have experience identifying the best design for cost, manufacturing, and performance.

Using state-of-the-art workstations and software, LPC engineers can quickly design solutions for your needs. We can fully integrate our 3D modeling and CAD with our customer's data, shortening the time to get your job to manufacturing.

The Larson Packaging Company difference:

  • Team of mechanical/packaging engineers

  • Up-to-date, powerful workstations and server infrastructure

  • Solid Works 3D modeling and ArtiosCAD fully integrated with customers

  • Design for performance, ease of use, and manufacturability

  • CNC and CAM integrated with production