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Lasers and Optics

Technical packaging for fragile, and sensitive equipment

Larson Packaging Company (LPC) works with precision equipment manufacturers of lasers, and optics.


LPC manufactures custom packaging and crating for precision equipment such as telescopes, lasers, and other optic devices. We make sure that your program managers always meet their timetable and specifications for packaging. Our product line includes wooden crates, ATA cases, Pelican-Hardigg cases, and corrugated (paper and plastic). Our packaging engineers are experts at designing cushioning systems and working with different materials including foam and wire rope isolators, to ensure that your packaging meets the requirements for your unique application, and the needs of your program. LPC is accustomed to designing and manufacturing packaging to support extremely sensitive, fragile, and odd-shaped equipment. LPC can provide packaging solutions suitable for cleanrooms, and the handling of hazardous materials. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified.

  • Telescopes and Lasers
  • Multi-Segment Telescopes
  • Optical Emitters
  • Etching Equipment
  • Microscopes
  • Electron Microscopes
  • Gas Plasma Tubes
  • Spectrography Equipment
  • Particle Chambers
  • Polymer Diagnostic Equipment



Optimize packaging performance

LPC has extensive experience designing packaging for high value, sensitive, and fragile equipment/products. Our packaging engineers can guide you from concept to execution to create a complete packaging solution, including protection from shock and vibration, and optimizing for usability, loading/unloading, and handling. We are accustomed to working with Military Packaging Specifications (MIL-SPEC), and we will meet your needs for performance, price, and usability. We can work with your existing designs from your solid models, or start a clean sheet with a physical product. The LPC design department will store, update, and manage your designs for future orders, and revisions over the life of your product line.


Reduce your admin and operational costs

LPC reduces your headaches and the amount of time it takes to manage your packaging program. We provide complete packaging solutions that include appropriate levels of design, manufacturing, and customer support. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free solution for repeatable packaging that can be rapidly fulfilled ”on-demand” in short to moderately sized runs to keep inventory low. We provide services such as prototyping, and kitting, to help streamline your operational, and testing needs.





On time, every time

We are fast, and produce on-demand. Orders run at a high velocity through our manufacturing process. As a multi-substrate manufacturer with raw materials in stock, LPC eliminates the need to source and integrate various packaging components from multiple vendors. We’ve in-sourced production of various parts and manufacture the finished product in-house. This results in an overall higher level of quality because we are in control of all the parts that go into the complete packaging solution—and the timeline. Our manufacturing facility is built around flexible work cells to meet the needs of different jobs, and comprises automated and CNC equipment to create repeatable, precise quality, reduce errors and maintain tight tolerances as required. We can scale up quickly to meet your needs and your deadlines.

  • We work seamlessly in your complex supply chain.
  • LPC packaging engineers work directly with your program managers.
  • We work in Solidworks, and can import your models from a variety of formats or develop a model with measurements.
  • We are set up to flexibly run orders to your needs — from small custom, to larger, ongoing production needs.
  • LPC packaging engineers have experience with many different substrates and cushioning systems.
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Wooden Crates
Our crates are designed to mil-spec standards and customized to protect the contents during transit.

Rack Crates


We frequently use multiple substrates to increase the rigidity and carrying capacity of corrugated.



LPC is a technical dealer and provides a complete line of Pelican products including the Pelican-Hardigg cases.



The addition of casters converts your equipment to a mobile workstation. ATA cases excel at usability.

ATA Cases


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