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Pelican Cases Solutions Dealer in San Diego, CA



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Larson Packaging Company, El Cajon (formerly First Class Packaging), offers a complete line of Pelican products and is an authorized dealer serving San Diego county, and all southern California. Our complete line of Pelican products includes Pelican Storm, Pelican-Protector, Pelican Air, and roto-molded Pelican Hardigg cases. Also, we can provide custom-molded foam inserts for Pelican cases and other types of packaging. Pelican is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance protective solutions. As a “Technical Solutions Dealer,” Larson Packaging Company is authorized to sell a complete line of Pelican products.

Custom Foam Options for Pelican Cases

We manufacture custom foam solutions in-house that can be precisely fitted to your Pelican case. Tailoring a variety of features—quantity and type of foam, ease of organization, cushioning, and access—we’ll help mold your Pelican case to the exact specifications of your product or equipment. We’ll also choose the foam that matches your specific needs and won’t degrade over the life of the product. These features enable you to get the best ongoing use of your Pelican cases.


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Featured Pelican Case Categories

Pelican Cases

- Range of sizes and shapes for unusual and heavy items.

- Withstands multiple uses.

- Interior can be customized.

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Pelican Air

- Lightweight but almost as strong as regulars Pelican cases.

- Variety of colors and sizes.

- Interior can be customized.

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Pelican Hardigg

- Strongest cases for heaviest equipment.

- Interlocking and stack able models (ISP).

- Many custom options available.

- Casters, handles, latch options, etc.

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