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Pelican Air

Custom Pelican Air Cases.

Who said Tough Can’t Be Light?

Pelican™ Air cases are far less weighty than other polymer cases (up to 40% lighter), making them perfect for durable and efficient transport. Their sleek, innovative design was just one of many pioneering inventions from Pelican. Pelican has been designing and crafting the highest quality protective cases for over 40 years.





The Science behind Strength and Lightness

Without compromising any durability, The Pelican™ Air case is designed to be incredibly light-weight. Pelican engineers revolutionized the protector case by reducing structural waste while retaining the strength their containers are known for. Their main goal in years of development was to “add lightness” in every detail. The science behind balancing strength and lightness can be summarized in the following features:

  • Air Cases are molded from next-generation, lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking
  • Honeycomb-shaped structural elements are actually stronger than solid polymer material
  • Super-stiff “full-box” sections are engineered to create hollow parts
  • Each case can be equipped with custom foam inserts on its interior

PelicanTM Air 1745 Long Case

The 1745 Long Case is Pelican's solution to the demand for a long Pelican Air case that is capable of providing protection in high-impact environments and situations.

It includes an automatic purge valve, super-light proprietary HPX2TM Polymer, quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels and a watertight O-ring gasket. Just like the other Pelican case lines, this case passes rigorous performance tests (impact, drop, submersion) to ensure users can have 100% confidence in its protection.


The Pelican Standard Packaging Guide

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