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Custom Road Cases for Production and Events

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Cases for events are built for mobility

Road cases (also known as ATA cases) for events take more abuse than in any other industry because people are always in a hurry, and lots of equipment needs to be moved in and out.  The cases are frequently scratched, and dented with battle scars, proof that the contents were protected from impact.  Even so, a well-made case can last for many years, even decades with some refurbishment.

Quality measured in results

Larson Packaging Company (LPC) manufactures custom ATA cases that are designed and built to withstand frequent use over many years. The cost of protecting your valuable equipment should be measured in cost-per-trip.  Other factors, such as weight, access, and ergonomics are important because they can add dramatic additional cost over the life of the road case and its contents.

Our design engineers are experts at customizing cases for your application.  We can design easy access for a large video display that cannot be lifted to shoulder height, or create flexible tolerances and foam inserts, to accomodate the changing display models from different manufacturers.

LPC designs and manufactures all of our road cases at our Milpitas facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We use the highest quality materials and components, and continue to invest in the equipment in our facility.  LPC has customers in the semiconductor, medical, and aerospace industries, that demand  ATA cases / built for industrial purposes. 

As your packaging partner, your schedule is our top priority. LPC takes pride in our ability to adapt to customer needs as they arise because our manufacturing process is tightly integrated with our front office customer service staff. We manufacture other packaging products such as foam inserts, and plastic and corrugated boxes for situations where weight is a concern. Contact us to find out more!

Larson Packaging Company – Your Packaging Partner

Fast and reliable service
 even on short notice, we have the production and materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders
Precise engineering
Precise engineering and expertise 
our team of engineers understands your shipping challenges and can work directly with your 3D models to craft expert solutions 
Safe and secure shipping
Safe and secure shipping 
our crates and cases are built to withstand the rigors and dampen the effects of the harsh shipping environment where safe handling is anything but guaranteed
CNC Machine
Rapid design, prototyping and testing
 at our Silicon Valley location, is as innovative as the telecom products being shipped. We offer unique packaging solutions, quick turnaround and reliable testing.