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Video Library

Watch these videos to learn more about custom packaging and the Larson Packaging Company way.

About LPC

Informational Videos





Experience in Wood Packaging

There is no substitute for quality when packaging sensitive equipment. Learn why experience matters.

Efficient Workspace

Meeting customer demands is all about creating an efficient environment.

Easy is Easy

Easy is easy, but hard is for Larson Packaging Company. We have smart solutions to complex packaging problems.

Evolving with the Market

To keep pace in the current industry, all of your processes must evolve to the current technologies. That's our job.

Integrated Packaging

Learn about LPC's integrated packaging solutions. We are an experience provider of custom packaging for industrial, medical, high tech and other industries.

Developed Process

Learn about our process for ensuring the highest standards of packaging quality.

Our Secret Sauce

What makes LPC special? Interview with Mark Hoffman about why Larson Packaging Company excels at producing high-quality custom packaging.

Our Skilled Labor Force

To ensure the highest quality packaging products, you must invest in people. That's what we do.

How We Stay Competitive

Interview with Mark Hoffman about how Larson Packaging Company has managed to stay competitive in the custom packaging industry.

Shifting Directions and Being Nimble

In order to maintain the highest standards for our customers we have to be flexible and adaptable.

Small Business-Big Punch

We have the skills and capabilities of a large company, with the personal touch of a neighbourhood business.

Smart Packaging Faster

Time is of the essence when working on packaging projects for imminent shipments.

Characteristics of Packaging Materials

When designing custom packaging solutions, it is important to understand the characteristics of different types of packaging materials.

About Custom ATA Cases

We specialize in custom packaging solutions including custom-built ATA Cases for shipping gear with optimal protection.

International Wood Packaging

Larson Packaging is experienced in providing custom packaging solutions for shipments to all areas of the globe.

The Core of Our Product

Get to know the core of our product. Mark Hoffman discusses the essentials of wood packaging quality.

International Shipping Requirements

When shipping sensitive and expensive equipment, you need to work with a vendor who knows the specific requirements that are needed.

LPC's General Services

We serve the needs of industrial, medical, high tech industries and much more.

Design For Quality

The key to quality packaging is design and engineering expertise. Protecting shipments is a science all its own.

Recycling Wooden Packaging

Don't just throw out old packaging. There are many uses for used wooden crates and packaging.

Wood Packaging Engineers

Engineering wooden packaging for heavy and expensive equipment is a complicated process that should only be trusted to the professionals.

Growth from Flexibility

How does a company grow to be a leading supplier of quality wood packaging materials? Flexibility.

Anticipating Customer Needs

Anticipating customer needs helps us understand our customers' challenges and find solutions even when they can't articulate what they want. 

Great Customer Service

Doing business is all about delivering great customer service. We'll bend over backwards to ensure the highest quality customer relationships.

Customers We Serve

Learn about the different types of customers we serve.

Quality and Pricing

Interview with Mark Hoffman about pricing for packaging services.

On Time  Shipping and Delivery

Managing a complex supply chain is all about meeting deadlines. Learn how we manage to meet your schedule.

Packaging Vendor Relationships

In order to maintain inventory and provide unmatched service, the importance of vendor relationships cannot be overstated.

Repeatable Wood Packaging Orders

Repeatable orders make it easy for companies to specify and get exactly what they need on an ongoing basis.