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Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Programs

About Our Stewardship Program

LPC is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. This is a commitment that we pass on to the customer in the form of increased efficiencies, lower costs, and corporate responsibility. Our Recycling and Refurbishment program transforms the way our clients think about packaging—as an asset and not a cost, and our facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art energy and water saving features that reduce our impact on the environment. LPC is an evironmentally responsible partner in your supply chain.


Efficient designs and eco-friendly materials

Efficient designs mean that packaging provides the correct amount of protection to ensure that your product or equipment will arrive in good working condition. LPC packaging engineers strive to minimize waste, maximize yields, and reduce complex manufacturing steps in the production of your packaging. LPC also stocks many recycled foam, particle board, corrugated, and other substrates which are suitable for many packaging applications. Ask your account manager how recycling can fit into your packaging program.

wood chips

Refurbishment, Reconditioning, and Repair

Larson Packaging Company is an innovator and a pioneer in the Silicon Valley for recycling. We are green and recycle everything in-house—wood trimmings, old pallets, corrugated, steel, and plastic. If you operate a closed-loop system and/or plan to reuse your wooden shipping crates, cases, or pallets over a long period, it pays to repair and maintain them to maximize their value and lifetime. Knowing that our customers want to focus on their core business, we offer repair, refurbishment, and reconditioning services as part of a full-service program.


By-Products and Waste

All wood waste from our manufacturing process is collected and recycled. These sawdust and wood trimmings will ultimately end up in our industrial strength grinder, where it will be ground into clean, dry wood fiber chips that are recycled into particle board or contributed to our Sierra Pine (Ampine) recycling pilot program. Nails and other aluminum and steel components are removed magnetically. Our foam densifier reduces PP and PE foam scraps into bricks at a ratio of 90:1. Corrugated and other packaging that cannot be refurbished is baled. Our trash is compacted to reduce the effect on landfill.



Energy and Water Efficiency

Our facility is equipped with 189 kilowatt solar panels on the roof, and LED lighting inside that is less expensive and more efficient. Additionally, motion and photo sensors in our warehouse and high efficiency motors help optimize energy consumption. Bioswale storm water treatment filters pollutants, silt and debris safely, protecting the environment around our facilities.


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