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Closed Loop Program Management



Your packaging as an asset

If you operate a closed-loop system and/or plan to reuse your wooden shipping crates, cases, or pallets over a long period, it pays to repair and maintain them to maximize their value. Knowing that our customers want to focus on their core business, we offer repair, refurbishment, and reconditioning services.

We can combine a refurbishment program with a recycling program to take care of your unwanted and/or undesirable wood packaging and waste. We pick up your used crates, cases, and pallets, sort and inspect them, repair them as necessary, dispose of the unusable and unrepairable ones and keep your packaging maintained to your specification. Once repaired, we will keep them in inventory at our facility and then deliver them back to you when you need them—all for less money than you would pay to replace them or repair them yourself. The savings in cost and waste can be great, and overall, the cost per trip of shipping your product can be a fraction of the cost of new packaging.

Waste management for full-service programs

As part of a full-service program, we can pick up your unwanted pallets, wooden shipping crates, and wood waste and repair or dispose of them. All of the wood and fasteners from your unwanted pallets will either be reused or recycled—keeping them out of our landfills. Due to a lack of end-markets and costs, we can no longer recycle unwanted wood waste as a stand-alone service.

Given that our trucks will be at your facility regularly, take advantage of this opportunity to recycle your unwanted and undesirable pallets. We often manage a comprehensive programs for customers that include both delivery of new and reconditioned pallets as well as disposal and recycling services.

We are green and recycle everything in-house—wood trimmings, old pallets, corrugated, steel, and plastic.

All wood waste from our manufacturing process is collected and recycled. These sawdust and wood trimmings will ultimately end up in our industrial strength grinder, where it will be ground into clean, dry wood fiber chips that are recycled into particle board. Nails are removed in the process and recycled as well.


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