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Custom Pelican Cases

Customize your pelican case.

Pelican Cases Adapted to Your Needs

As an authentic Pelican-Hardigg custom case solutions dealer, Larson Packaging Company is proud to offer solutions for every packaging need. As the global leader in high-performance protective cases for critical and demanding uses, Pelican-Hardigg cases are known for their quality and durability. Larson Packaging Company is proud to carry a full line of Hardigg cases and products to support our customers’ needs.





What Makes Pelican Cases Unique

Pelican Cases’ proprietary combination of homo-polymers and
co-polymers with an open cell core and solid wall construction set them apart. These rugged cases also feature:

  • A patented “press and pull” latch that’s easy to open.
  • An automatic pressure release valve that releases built-up air pressure while keeping out water molecules.
  • Stainless steel pins in the hinges and handles.
  • A tongue and groove rim with a polymer o-ring seal (making them watertight).
  • Stainless steel ball bearing wheels.
  • Padlocks and reinforced stainless steel padlock protectors to give extra strength and security.
  • Double-throw latches in a classic C clamp design with secondary movement that works like a pry bar to start the release.

Pelican cases can be custom fitted with “pick-n-pluck” foam, or sold empty. Additionally, Larson Packaging Company specializes in designing custom foam inserts to provide even better protection for your delicate cargo.


Use a Pelican™ Storm Case™ when you have equipment you need to protect and your case needs to be able to take a beating. The Pelican Storm Case resin, a proprietary HPX® polymer is proven to resist impacts even in low temperature laboratory testing. These cases can provide protection in the toughest conditions. For a Pelican™ Storm Case™, falling from a helicopter, crashing down class V rapids or taking a hit in the center lane of the of the Interstate 5 Freeway is all in a day’s work.


The Pelican Standard Packaging Guide

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Larson Packaging Company (LPC) specializes in custom industrial packaging for mission-critical, high-value and sensitive equipment. Providing the most reliable packaging solutions to meet your specifications and schedule is a top priority. LPC's expertise and extensive resources make us capable of handling the most demanding jobs, even on short notice. LPC works with you as a partner, ensuring that the packaging for your product is: reliable, cost-effective, and reflects the quality of your brand.

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