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For Heavy Payloads, and Tough Environments

Pelican-Hardigg Cases: Optimal Hardness

Larson Packaging Company’s full line of Pelican-Hardigg cases are rugged and built to withstand extremely high levels of impact. They are typically heavier than other Pelican products, like Protector cases and Pelican Storm cases. Pelican-Hardigg cases are built using rotational molding technology, seamless construction, and are extremely strong.




About Our Pelican-Hardigg Cases

What are the benefits of Pelican-Hardigg's rotational molding technology?

  • More material in the corners.
    Pelican-Hardigg single lid cases begin as resin powder that’s measured and loaded into a mold attached to a bi-axial arm. As the mold rotates, it’s heated, allowing 15%-20% more resin to accumulate in the corners and edges. When the case is dropped (and it will be), it has extra strength where needed
  • Recessed hardware & columnar ribs.
    Having recessed handles, latches and hinges prevents these cases from being sheared off during transport. Ribs are molded to create incredibly strong forms from lightweight material. Cases of like sizes have matching top and bottom ribs, so they won’t shift when stacked.
  • Watertight tongue and groove seal.
    Gear is kept dry and dust-free in the harshest environments.
  • Anti-shear locks.
    Molded, interlocking blocks are matched around the rim of the case. When it takes an impact, the lid stays aligned to the base. With accessories and custom services from Larson Packaging Company, a Pelican-Hardigg Case can be a lot more than a box.

    Pelican-Hardigg cases may also be accessorized with hardware to meet your specific needs. To move your case around, you might need wheels, or if the load is extreme, we can install forklift spacers and a bashplate. We can also help you with technical choices, such as standard or mil-spec purge valves that prevent vacuum lock in the event of altitude change. The list goes on. You can customize the cases with pelican case foam, or even choose from handles and latches to desiccant chambers for removing humidity from the case. At Larson Packaging Company, getting your equipment safely from point A to point B is of the utmost importance, and Pelican-Hardigg cases help make that happen.

At Larson Packaging Company, we pride ourselves on getting your products to their destinations safely, and Pelican-Hardigg cases provide one of the best solutions for accomplishing that goal.



The Pelican Standard Packaging Guide

About Us

Larson Packaging Company (LPC) specializes in custom industrial packaging for mission-critical, high-value and sensitive equipment. Providing the most reliable packaging solutions to meet your specifications and schedule is a top priority. LPC's expertise and extensive resources make us capable of handling the most demanding jobs, even on short notice. LPC works with you as a partner, ensuring that the packaging for your product is: reliable, cost-effective, and reflects the quality of your brand.